T. Florian Jaegerfjaeger@bcs.rochester.edu[personal homepage]
I am interested in how production and comprehension complexity (due to locality; expectation) influences speakers' choice in language variation. I use psycholinguistic experimentation and corpus-based statistical modeling to investigate whether/to what extent speakers use prosodic and syntactic cues to make unexpected information easier to process (predictability; information structure; common ground), and to which extend this is done for their addressees (audience design). For more see my CV.


Grad students

Zach Burchill (BCS)[personal homepage]
I'm interested in language adaptation, production, and comprehension, but I haven't narrowed my focus much as of yet. Other areas that have caught my curiosity include binomial word order, text-setting, and synchronous speech
Esteban Buz (BCS)ebuz@bcs.rochester.edu[personal homepage]
My interests are in phonetic production and variation, audience design and computational models of speaker behavior. My current focus is on if speakers behave in a boundedly rational way during phonetic production.
Dave Kleinschmidt (BCS)dkleinschmidt@bcs.rochester.edu[personal homepage]
I'm interested in computational modeling and speech perception, and specifically in developing models of how phonetic categories are learned and deployed that are plausible from linguistic, computational, neural, and developmental perspectives. I'm also interested in how phonetic categories interact with lexical representations.
Linda Liu (BCS)[personal homepage]
I am interested in taking computational and experimental approaches to investigate sentence comprehension, accent adaptation, and how listeners form structural generalizations across speaker groups. I also have interests computational modeling, prosody, and cross-modality/domain work, e.g. sign language and music cognition.