Andrew Watts

Education and Professional Experience

University of Rochester, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Rochester, NY – Laboratory Technician
From: April 2007 - present

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH – Master of Arts in Linguistics (Computational Linguistics specialization)
Graduated: June 2006

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH – Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Computer and Information Science
Graduated: June 2005

Research Interests

I am interested in how pragmatic and semantic factors affect syntactic choices in real time as the utterance unfolds in production and how comprehenders interpret these choices. Consequently, this motivates my interest in a theory of grammar that is more cognitively grounded and does not treat syntax as the only interesting level. I particularly enjoy looking at Germanic languages and Japanese, in part because of their ability to scramble and (at least sometime) head-final structures.


My CV/resume (PDF)


Contact Info

I have four different academic emails that you could use depending on your mood, although they all just go to my gmail. They are listed in order of preference of use.
And also my lorde abbot of westmynster ded do shewe to me late certayn euydences wryton in olde englysshe for to reduce it in to our englysshe now vsid / And certaynly it was wreton in suche a wyse that it was more lyke to dutche than englysshe I coude not reduce ne brynge it to be vnterstonden / And certaynly our langage now vsed varyeth ferre from that. whiche was vsed and spoken when I was borne / For we englysshe men / ben borne vnder the domynacyon of the mone. whiche is neuer stedfaste / but euer wauerynge / wexynge one season / and waneth & dycreaseth another season / And that comyn englysshe that is spoken in one shyre varyth from a nother. In so moche that in my dayes happened that certayn marchauntes were in a shippe in tamyse for to haue sayled ouer the see into zelande / and for lacke of wynde thei taryed atte forlond and wente to lande to refreshe them And one of theym named sheffedle a mercer cam into an hows and axed fore mete. and specyally he axyd after eggys And the good wyf answerde. that she coude speke no frenshe. And the marchaunt was angry. for he also coude speke no frenshe. but wold haue hadde egges / and she vnterstode hym not / And thenne at laste a nother sayd that he wolde haue eyren / then the good wyf sayd that she vnderstod hym wel / Loo what sholde a man in thyse days now wryte. egges or eyren / certaynly it is harde to playse euery man / by cause of dyuersite & chaunge of langage.

--William Caxton. From the introduction of his 1490 translation of Virgil.