In the following experiment you will read sentences that you are supposed to recall later. The experiment consists of pairs of sentences. You will read two sentences in a row. After that, you will see a prompt (either of the first or the second sentence) and you are asked to complete the sentence as it was presented to you. Then the next prompt will be displayed (for the remaining sentence from the pair) and you have to complete the corresponding sentence. You are not allowed to take notes. Try repeating the sentences aloud to yourself in order to remember them successfully.

So, for example, you might read:

    Remember: The boy ate an apple.

This sentence will disappear after a 6 seconds (you will see a counter below the sentence, counting from 10 to 4). After that you will have 4 more seconds to repeat the sentence to yourself in order to remember it well.

    Remember: The boy ate an apple.

At any point during the entire 10 seconds of the remember trial you can click the NEXT button or press ENTER to advance. Then the second sentence will show up. For example:

    Remember: A policeman from New York recognized the victim of Saturday's attack.

This sentence, too, will disappear after a few seconds. Again, you will have some time to repeat the sentence to yourself or you can advance by clicking the NEXT button or pressing ENTER at any time. Now you will see the first prompt, followed by a text field. For example, you might see the following (although you could also be asked to recall the first sentence first):

    Recall: A policeman

Please enter the continuation that you remember (e.g. from New York recognized the victim of Saturday's attack). This part of the experiment is not timed. Once you're ready to continue, press ENTER. You will see the next prompt:

    Recall: The boy

Again, please enter the continuation. Press ENTER when you're ready for the next pair of sentences to remember. You might not be able to remember all sentences verbatim. In those cases, just try to write down whatever you remember.

At the top of the screen you will see a progress bar, indicating how many sentence pairs are still left before you're done. There are 48 pairs and it should take 20-30 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation in this experiment. Your participation will help us to understand how memory processes affect language understanding.

Once you press the button below, these instructions will disappear, so make sure you understand them fully before you start.

Remember: The magician revealed his secret to the cheering crowd.
Remember: The employees dreaded that their boss was working on a reorganization.
Remember: The board intended to reject her story about Paris.
Remember: The columnists felt that the editor was taking no action.
Remember: One lawyer marveled that the judge postponed the trial unfairly.
Remember: One student asserted that the professor only lectured for 50 minutes.
Remember: The entrepreneur sold textbooks at the beginning of the semester.
Remember: The professor is researching the effects of exercise on health.
Remember: The experimenter concealed the object beneath a barrier.
Remember: Everyone hoped that the prince would live happily ever after.
Remember: The leader seemed to be a very good speaker.
Remember: The attendant discerned that all passengers had fastened their seatbelts.
Remember: The advisor attacked the internet as a useful source of information.
Remember: This lab investigated the properties of sugar in water.
Remember: The winner answered that the host had put 250 jelly beans into the jar.
Remember: The publisher sent several copies of the book to hospitals.
Remember: The supervisor didn't value that the kittens needed to stay at the animal shelter.
Remember: One girl took a piece of candy from the box.
Remember: The weatherman studies the new model to help him with his forecast.
Remember: A guest joked that the hotel-keeper probably charged for bedbugs.
Remember: Most customers believed that the sales clerk was truthful.
Remember: My family discussed the tuition increase over dinner.
Remember: The teen admired the stunt double because he took so many risks.
Remember: A thief grabbed the diamonds from the store.
Remember: The parent disliked the comedian because his humor was very crude.
Remember: One guitarist dreaded that the audience might hate his solo.
Remember: Two patrolmen threatened that the dogs would attack all trespassers.
Remember: The college graduate taught his own class.
Remember: The chef displayed the secret ingredient to the audience.
Remember: The suspect marveled that the victim wasn't even armed.
Remember: The Advanced Placement class prepared the student well for his history elective.
Remember: The directors prepared to announce the name of the new CEO.
Remember: The bank manager pointed out that the owner of the house had $50,000 in his account.
Remember: The designer neglected to consider the issue of fabric.
Remember: The victim disputed that an ER doctor had to conduct a full physical.
Remember: The marathoner runs through the finish line with a triumphant grin.
Remember: An FBI agent discerned that the hostages were in serious danger.
Remember: The personnel officer instructed the applicant to fill out the form.
Remember: The marine trained extensively for six weeks.
Remember: A receptionist suggested that the photographer had rescheduled the appointment.
Remember: The homeless man received a basket of food from the mission.
Remember: Some patients didn't value that the nurses were well-trained.
Remember: The reviewers alleged that the author often made inappropriate comments.
Remember: The babysitter broke the window latch.
Remember: The guests offered to take out the garbage after the party.
Remember: All the actors believed that the star was paid a ridiculous amount.
Remember: The lecturer attends the international robotics conference.
Remember: Each witness disclosed to the detective that the suspect had bright red hair.

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