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Instructions and Consent Statement

In this task, you will see a series of videos in an artificial alien language that will help you to learn some basic words and sentences in the language. You will be presented with instructions along the way explaining what to do in each part. Towards the end of the task, you will get a chance to put together your own sentences in the language based on what you have learned by watching the videos and listening to them with the sound turned up. Please make sure your volume is turned up and you are free from any distractions while completing this task. You will receive $1.00 for completing the HIT in full, as well as an additional reward of $.50 after completion for good performance, so please do your best! If you have any comments or feedback during the course of the task, please feel free to enter them into the comments box at the bottom of the page, but please do not hit the Submit button until you have completed the task. Thanks for participating!

When you check the consent box, these instructions will disappear and the experiment will begin. Be sure you have read them carefully first!



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This HIT requires Flash


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